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OnPoint Solutions is dedicated to offering our clients a wide array of exclusive financial products and services. Outlined here are our most popular programs avaialble.

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Is a fast funding product where a private lender provides a business 10%-15% of their gross annual sales.

A merchant cash advance is priced on a factor rate which is a one-time flat fee on the money advanced based on the strength of the business.

A merchant cash advance is an uncollateralized product that is typically paid by a daily/weekly ACH no weekends no holidays.

Merchants can also opt for a credit card split where the lender takes a daily percentage of the businesses credit card sales also no weekend or holiday payments.

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Business Credit Repair

On Point Solutions has partnered with the largest names in the business credit repair and development sector in order to bring our clients a Business Credit repair product.

The organization has the ability to analyze the business and pinpoint areas of advancement and repair the business credit.

The benefits of the business credit repair and development is it allows your organization the opportunity to become eligible for additional forms of financing based solely off the business credit not personal.

If you have a long-standing business history and poor personal credit a business credit score (DUNs number) can give you the ability to –

  • lease homes/corporate property
  • finance equipment & machinery
  • purchase vehicles
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Business Lines of Credit

If you not interested in the merchant cash advance product OnPoint Solutions has the ability to offer lines of credit at zero % introductory APR rates.

Lines of credit are offered based on the merchant's credit score and strength of business.

Lines are excellent for Merchants who are super rate conscious and are looking for a short-term cash flow solutions. Merchants must have a strong credit score to be eligible.

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Our internal lenders review all outstanding accounts receivables owed to the business and can provide the merchant with a line of credit based on those receivables.

Typically, a 12-month program with rates anywhere between 12%-15% APR. To be eligible, the business must generate 1 million in gross sales annually.

The business CAN NOT be in California, Nevada, Vermont, North & South Dakota.

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Mortgage Refinancing

OnPoint Solutions can also help you get refinanced on your existing mortgage to free up cash flow to grow your business.

If you have an existing mortgage and a property value assessment you can apply for a mortgage refinance with OnPoint today.

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Equipment Leasing

If your business needs machinery and equipment OnPoint Solutions can help.

The business need to only provide the invoice for the equipment you are looking to purchase with a brief understanding of how the equipment will help expand and grow your business profits.

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