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OnPoint Solutions Principles

Created to support and empower small businesses, OnPoint is 100% committed to serving its customers with the smartest financing solutions and world class service. OnPoint is the secure financing service that business owners everywhere can truly rely on.

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    Responsible Business Advance

    We will review your finances and make sure the business can handle the advance and the payments

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    Elite Customer Service

    Any questions you have regarding your advance please call (516-308-0800)

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    Lowest Rates & Longest Terms

    We leverage our combine funding power to get you the best deal possible

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    Privacy & Security

    We are NOT a broker shop that will ruin your credit and send your file to multiple unregulated lenders, we deal directly with our in-house bank.

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    We will hold your hand and walk you step by step through the advance process

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    Fast Funding

    Uncollateralized money in your account within 24-48 hrs